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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Night Fights

Phil went to his first hockey game tonight, Stars vs. Avalanche, courtesy of a reading program at his school ($120 worth of tickets for completing the reading challenge -- Yay!). We took the DART train down to the arena, along with Nick and Jack, two of my nephews (cousins to Phil). Sat in the nosebleeds, four rows off the ceiling, but with a good view behind the visitor's net.

Decent hockey, though Colorado failed to score (and managed a only single shot on goal during the first period). A couple of fights mixed things up early on, but other than icing and offsides not a lot of calls got made (somehow the refs missed some egregious highsticking cheap shots in the final minutes of the game). The Bud Lite races (four fans dressed up in giant foam beer bottle costumes navigate obstacle course), "Finnish or Gibberish" (is the phrase proffered by Finnish player legit or nonsense?), and the Chipotle/Chili's remote-control blimps livened up the breaks between periods.

Final score 3:0 (BONUS! When the Stars get three-plus goals during a game everybody gets free chips and salsa at Chili's. Yay!)

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