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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Phil's Story: A Battle

Writing bud Angie Poole mentioned the other day that it'd be cool to record readings of our stories that appeared in The Best of Relief and garner some publicity for our writing. (Angie's a non-practicing CPA -- she has a private accounting gig -- so I'm sure she's thinking "tax write-off" for any associated expenses)

Anyhoo, Phil wanted to record his own story. I told him he could if he wrote it down first. He called my bluff and wrote a radio play. He went ahead and read off the names of the speakers as he recorded the story (next time I'll have him think of ways to let the reader/listener know it's the mayor or the army without announcing it as he's done here), but he made up for that gaffe by creating the sound-effects himself.

Since Blogger won't allow you to upload a straight audio file I went ahead and made a multimedia presentation in iMovie.

Behold: "A Battle."

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2 Snarky Remarks:

Brilliant! And succinct! Way to go Phil! I'm definitely a fan.
Blogger Jenny, at 2:02 PM  
Yes, he's off to a good start. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Blogger lindaruth, at 2:40 PM  

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