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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Storytime: Moonshot

Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine has published my short story "Moonshot." The story took first in their 2007 Fiction Contest. Both these facts continue to humble and astonish me. Thank you very much Selena and Bill and Mir and <band begins playing the Moonraker theme> the rest of the DKA gang.

(So much for dignified acceptance speeches.)

"Moonshot" is ... well, here's the promo blurb:
Pastor Clayton Bardell wins a childhood dream-vacation to the moon, much to the dismay of his church's elders. On the trip he discovers that while his elders' fears may be overstated, much more awaits him than he anticipated. And the new life he hopes to bring to his flock, will first have to flow through himself.

And a preview:
Clayton Bardell stared at the letter, cursing his good fortune. Five minutes peace they won’t leave me, he told himself. Five minutes—it might be enough, but they won’t give me even that. Already he could hear the creak of Elder Stinson’s buckboard approaching from the main road.

Bardell returned to the letter, determined to afford the dream as much life as possible. The paper was cream, heavy, the weave of pulp fibers fine, yet distinct. The company name—Branson–Plaxis Resorts—stood out, embossed in gold foil; the watermark, the BPR logo, subtly visible beneath his name and the word Congratulations. The matching envelope had been delivered unsealed.

Three hard raps cracked through the silent parsonage. Each blow to the front door, he knew, bore the full force of Elder Stinson’s knuckles and the meat of his right palm. How many times had he gone on “social calls” with the man? Where he, Bardell, might use a single knuckle to rap on the door ...
<band begins playing Blue Moon, up tempo>

So go read it, already. (And, seriously, Selena & Co.: Thanks!)

BTW: DKA also has a print version. The July Issue has all four prize-winning stories, plus more! (And don't be afraid to make a PayPal donation to the mag, either.)

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