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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My New Piece of Serious Business Equipment

Today has been a joyful day of filling out employment paperwork at several school districts in the Dallas Metroplex area. Around 10am I had to sit down an catch my breath. And at 11 and 12 and ... you get the idea. Woo-hoo!

After completing one of the apps I received an email from the district inviting me to send resume and transcripts and other information via fax or email attachment. The resume was no problem to send as an attachment since I made it on my laptop to begin with. The rest though...

Sending a fax from the local Staples runs a buck a page. Sure, it'd only be $5 total, but if I had a document scanner I could save in the long run. (That's me, using my noggin.)

So I tore myself away from the thrill of the job hunt, and a low-end HP scanner has joined my workspace arsenal, which now consists of PowerBook, the aforementioned scanner, laser printer and several boxes of paper clips. I get me a box of rubber bands and you're gonna have to rethink messing with Texas.

And only 19 more job apps and we break even on the purchase. (Publishing contracts will also help defray the cost of the scanner, so lets see more of those.) I've also been told that a document scanner will come in very handy with stealing repurposing materials in my classroom once I do land a job. So now I'm set for that, too.

Since I really don't want my scanned transcripts all over the internet (because I don't want y'all to be jealous of my Intro to Bowling grade), here's a scan of Phil's Father's Day present to demonstrate the awesome might of the HP ScanJet G3010. (This isn't a toy, so don't expect to see scans of my naked posterior anytime soon, at least not until the company Christmas party.) Be very afraid.



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