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Monday, July 23, 2007

Free Al

First off, there's nothing free in this post. Well, maybe. We'll see how it goes and if you don't touch anything...

I believe I've mentioned Babylon 5 here a time or two. Best Sci-Fi series ever. (Yes, Firefly was awesome, but at a single season+feature film doesn't really count). J. Michael "Joe" Straczynski created Bab-5, plus Jermiah, plus some Spidey comics (among others), plus the new Twilight Zone in the 80s, plus some novels, plus quite a few episodes of Murder, She Wrote. The guy can storytell. It's what he does.

Apparently he wrote a series of twenty five-minute radio dramas for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio One division: "The Adventures of Apocalypse Al." CBCR1 isn't releasing the series nationally (and if/where it is being picked up locally isn't being shared). Lots of folks upset. Not all of them Canadian, even.

Lemme add my one-quarter Canadian voice to the chorus: Free Al! Free Al! Free Al! Free Al! (That counts as at least one "Free Al!")

He doesn't even have to be available at no cost. Just don't stifle him. Let the man breathe.

Let Joe tell his story. It's what he does.

(...and I saw you steal those fizzy lifting drinks, so you LOSE! Good day, sir.)

Hat Tip: Mir.



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So I'm not even 1/64 Canadian but I can add "ay" at the end of my sentences. Does that count? And my husband is a Red Green-aholic--that's got to count for something. How many "Free Al"'s would I need to do?
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