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Monday, December 18, 2006

That Makes One of Us

Phil's school did a health screening at the beginning of November, and the results arrived in the mail today. The boy has 20/20 vision (20/25 in the right eye ... some kind of mutant power, I'm sure). Body-mass index is 16.8, which puts him in the 80th BMI-for-Age percentile; that's "within normal limits" up to the 84th. Dental exam showed no worries.

Normal blood pressure (something, for a change, Dina and I also have). A big relief as when he does the pressure-cuff machine at the store it registers off the chart and no pulse. Put down the crucifix and the silver bullets Mr. Pharmacist-Man, the boy's okay.

Height: 3'10"; weight: 50.5 lbs.

No scoliosis test until the 5th grade. Aaaah, the old scoliosis test. Good times.

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