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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday Bargainwatch: Charlotte's Web at iTunes

The iTunes Store is selling the Charlotte's Web audiobook (read by author E.B. White) at a red-tag price: $4.95. This is the same audible.com recording that goes for $17.50 at their site. Price good through Christmas.

Over three hours of unabridged book, plus an essay read by George Plimpton. Okay, maybe not the biggest selling point for buying the children's book -- "Listen, honey! The dulcet warble of George Plimpton." -- but he does complement White nicely.

Now maybe you're thinking "iTunes? But I don't have an iPod ... or a Nano ... or an old Mini ... or one of the two styles of Shuffle. What about me?" Well, despite the common misperception, you don't need an Apple-branded MP3 player to listen to iTunes content. You can burn files to CDs. You can listen to files on your computer (either Mac or PC). If you have a non-Apple player, you can burn files to CD then re-rip the content to an unprotected format (there are also gray market ways of removing the DRM "enhancements" -- nudge, wink, say no more). So let's not have any more of this "iTunes Store-bought files only work on iPods" nonsense, okay?

Not entirely sure about the movie (now in theaters). Julia Roberts creeps me out. Then again, spiders do too... I guess if I get too freaked I can fall back on the New English tones of Elwyn Brooks (wonder why he went with the initials?). Aaaaaaah -- plus George Plimpton.


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