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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Camper

After living on-site at a summer camp/conference center his entire life, Phil finally got a taste of camper life this afternoon. Dina and I stopped by to check in on staff this evening (after having a nice dinner at the Outback--isn't that why parents send their kids to camp in the first place?) and Phil and his cabin ran by. He shouted "Hi, Mom!" over his shoulder and ran off again. Good times.

We're really not supposed to interacting with him (none of the other parents get to, and it tweaks the camper-camper and camper-counselor vibes), but it was a-ok during "camper drop-off time," so I snapped these pix:And here are a couple nature shots:
Dina uploads camp pictures to Bunk1 several times a day, so I'll try and snag a few of Phil without having to snap the pix myself. Stay tuned...


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