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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Let the Book Learnin' Begin

Dina and I dropped Phil off at kindergarten this morning.

Here's how that looked:We found out today that the school got a grant to feed breakfast to all the students in their classrooms when school begins. That shaves a half hour off the at-home morning routine. Plus, more strawberry Eggo Minis for me.


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Hey! Jason (JediQB) from fif here. We just sent our oldest to kindergarten too. Quite the trauma to let go! Thanks for sharing! God bless Phil, you can do it!
Blogger Jason, at 4:14 PM  
Chris, and Jason, I've experienced more first days than I can count (or at least than I want to count) and I survived them all. They look so little when they start kindergarten, but I kid you not, they tower over you much sooner than you're ready for them to.

Here's my favorite thing said by one of my kids on the first day of school.
Me: Have a good day!
Joel (on his first day of 2nd grade): How can you be so sure?

I guess cynics start young. :)

Blogger lindaruth, at 4:52 PM  
Last year my son walked in the door, took off his shoes and fell asleep in the entryway.

I expect this year he'll walk in and attack the fridge...

Expect the bus any minute now. Wonder if I have time to make him a Dagwood to hold him over on his walk from the bus...

Don't blink, anyone.
Blogger Sandra, at 5:36 PM  

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