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Monday, July 28, 2008

Do The Time Warp

(it's just a step to the left...)

We treated Dina to a celebratory dinner tonight in honor of her new gig at a local school district ("special projects": creating an alien-human hybrid capable of ace-ing standardized tests and telekenisis, or something). A Cheesecake Factory recently opened up near here, so that's where we went.

In the lobby was a sign advertising National Cheesecake Day and CF's 30th anniversary. This Wednesday, 7/30, the restaurant invites you to go back in time thirty years, price-wise at least.

Any slice of cheesecake at 1978 prices. That's a buck-fifty. Dine-in only, so get there early.

Now, if only I could recapture the video game skills I had as a nine-year-old...

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3 Snarky Remarks:

Since you're singing and all... I have to say how happy I am that Rocky Horror is coming back to my hometown for midnight shows. I hope Phil will go with me to see it!!
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 8:39 PM  
Oh Man! Back into my price range and off my diet--Sometimes life just ain't fair.
Enjoy an extra piece for me, K?
Blogger Jenny, at 10:16 AM  
I wish there was a cheesecake factory near here -- I think the closest is KC. And you don't know the little jolt I got from your last line -- in 1978 I was a newly-wed (only 20, but still ...). Of course, that means you've got one of those milestone birthdays coming mwa-ha-ha-ha. :)
Have fun with your cheesecake, you crazy kid.

Oh, and congrats to Dina on the job!
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:21 AM  

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