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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Haunted Hotel

Yesterday afternoon the family headed over to Mineral Wells to check out the Baker Hotel (among other things). Didn't see any ghosts, but while we were skulking around the rear courtyard a window upstairs (or some other source of glass) broke. Ooooh ... spooky.

Took a bunch of pix, and since they're spookier in black and white, I tweaked them slightly (but only slightly) in Photoshop.
Interior Pix
(There were enough holes in the ground-level windows to sneak some peeks inside without the hassle of trespassing.)
More spooky pix (and haunted history) here.

We also saw car dealer after car dealer with cars, trucks, and vans that had their windows and windshields shattered. Not abandoned car dealerships. Or poltergeist-infested ones. Just hail damage from a recent storm. Still, kinda hinky to see, though.


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Wow, great pictures. Only, Phil isn't in any of them.
Anonymous Kathleen Popa, at 11:59 PM  
Actually, he and Dina are down in the lower left corner of "Another lamp." Here's a detail shot, in color, since they're not so spooky.
Blogger Chris, at 6:31 AM  

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