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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fair Skies with Son

Hit the State Fair of Texas yesterday. School was out for me, so we yoinked Phil from his early-release day and headed on down.

Somehow I expected more. Food and rides were incredibly overpriced; told Phil on several rides we'd wait until they showed up at the grocery store parking lot carnival. And for being the birthplace of the corn dog (locally, the corny dog), I figured they'd be somewhat different from elsewhere. Not so much. (Santa Cruz Boardwalk has the best corn dogs, at least they did last time I was there, 15+ years ago.) And it's always good to see that the Super Shammy people are still in business.

But we did see/hear the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps perform. And then there were the dancing dogs and pig races. Took us all day to find the judged quilts and artwork; that's always been a favorite of mine at other fairs. Dina enjoyed deep-fried-peach-cobbler-on-a-stick. The chili-frito-burrito I had made me ill.

Our camera didn't cooperate, so all we came away with imagewise was this pic of Phil's BBQ and this footage of the Tornado (a ride Phil rode twice -- once and non-spinning (the ride itself spins, but you cna give your car extra spin by turning the disc in the middle of the seats) with Dina, once and spinning a bit too much with me). Phil and I also did the big spinning swing ride, and he and Dina did the skyway tram.

In all, not a bad day. Weather was about as perfect as it's been for quite a while. And the parts that were suboptimal ... well, we've gotten them out of our system (see chili-frito-burrito, above) and know not to do them next time around.



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