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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Flake #12268268

Here's a fun program for your Monday: Make-a-Flake, an online snowflake maker.

This is mine; not quite the paper doll effect I was shooting for, unless it's a bunch of E.T.s holding hands, but it has a nice sunburst in the middle.

And here's another. These are fun, aren't they. Kinda like kindergarten without that weird, paste-eating kid around. Oh, that kid was you? Sorry, 'bout that...


(via Lisa Samson's Author Intrusion)

[Here's one somebody else did: link. Can't tell if it's creepier than it is cool, or the other way 'round.]



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My cordless mouse is not letting me cut. What up wid dat?

Anyway, you need to visit the link for Town Drunk (speculative fiction with humor post of mine yesterday). It's up your alley. They need a fortunate or unfortunate Christmas story, I'm thinking.

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