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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm a Maniac -- Maniac! -- on the Floor

At Goodwill yesterday we picked up a bicycle helmet for Phil (matte olive green; maybe he'll be an Army Man for halloween, though I'm holding out hope for giving the helmet a paint job and designing a Tron costume) and one of those DanceDanceRevolution knock-off floor mat TV games.

"Dancing Expert" is a "dancing carpet of 32 bit direct inserting mode" game with "36 disco songs of original sound."

I heard a while back that the dancing/floor-mat games are a decent way to lose weight. Of course after the cost of a gaming system + floor mat I'd be better off joining a gym (which isn't a great alternative, either, living nowhere near a gym). So I saved hundreds of dollars and for $5 at Goodwill I got all this: One floor mat with AC adapter and a/v plug for the TV's aux ports. I've already mentioned the 36 disco songs, but here are some shots of the graphics:
Will I lose weight? Will I gain rhythm? Will this keep Phil occupied during the long winter months I'm not interested in going outside?

Stay tuned. (And I'll keep you updated on that whole Halloween costume thing, too.)


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Any chance we'll get to see an action shot of you learning those groovy dance moves?

Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 PM  
Don't hold your breath while staying tuned for that.
Blogger Chris, at 5:52 PM  
Come on, just a short video.
Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant, at 7:44 PM  

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