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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Let's Not Be Rash, and Other Stories

I drove Dina in to the airport this morning at 4am (for a 5:45 flight). At that time Phil complained of itches on his left ankle and shin. By the time we made it home, got a little shut-eye, woke back up and got him ready for school, Phil had a slight rash on both legs. Nothing big, just some redness. I got him some Benadryl and sent him off to school.

At 11 his teacher called saying that Phil had a rash all over his body and he was very upset. I went in; looked like hives. (I later found out that Phil had been isolated from the rest of his classmates and had to eat lunch alone--no wonder he was upset.)

Took him to Junction City to see his pediatrician. Hives.

The last time Phil had hives -- 2-3 years ago -- it was in conjunction with an ear infection. Not this time, and we're not sure what the cause is (while an ear infection would have been a bummer, at least we'd know why and have a course of treatment). Rash should be gone on its own by the weekend.

While we were in town we stopped at a Goodwill where employees were discussing today's plane crash. Not the kind of thing you want to hear when a loved one is traveling by air. But Dina reached Indiana safely (some kind of snafu at the Phoenix runway, nothing disasterous) and all is well (except, of course, that she's in Indiana -- and the fatalities/injuries/damage in NYC).

Phil got the go-ahead from the doctor to resume normal activity, so we trekked back home, got his soccer uniform, and made our third trip of the day to town ("town" being that region of Lane County stretching from Junction City south to Eugene and west to Veneta -- this time we headed to Veneta). Lakers won 2-1, bringing them to 5-1-0 for the season. Next game: tomorrow night.


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I'm glad Phil's OK -- mysterious rashes are always, well mysterious. The more kids you have, the more weird rashes -- we've had everything from scarlet fever (the kid was OK, 2 weeks later I got strep throat and was miserable) to chicken pox (all six kids, in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas) to something strange but innocuous called pytiriasis rosea, to our latest weird rash episode. Joel had this rash and was pretty sick -- the doctor diagnosed some kind of virus and he got better in a few days. Fun, fun times.
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