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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sprinkler Fun

This afternoon the camp counselors turned on the sprinklers in the meadow to keep our 50+ campers cool while swim tests were conducted down at the waterfront. Dodgeball in the sprinkler zone was a big hit (pun intended).

In between dodgeball games, the campers played elbow tag. Here's Phil and old-time friend Kailie. (Here's how they looked 3 years ago.)

After the campers went back to their cabins to change for dinner, Phil had some solo time in the sprinklers. He discovered yesterday that he could aim the sprinklers at each other, lock their movement by wrapping a sandal around the rotating sprayer, and create a curtain of mist where the two jets of water collide. Here's how that looked:I ran through the wall of mist yesterday. Pretty much what I'd imagine going through a car wash with the sunroof open/convertible top down would be like. But refreshing!


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