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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Philip's Big Day

In lieu of a big party this year, we decided to give Phil a big day. He and his friend Jackson went miniature golfing, had pizza lunch, and wound up at a water park. (Then Phil came home to a lakeside BBQ, campfire/s'mores, and fireworks.)

Here's how the first part of his day went:
Phil played hard for almost five hours straight, napped for the last ten minutes of the car ride home, then went all-out for another four hours. Fireworks ended around 10pm, yet somehow he still wanted to play. Nevertheless when we finally got him to bed he conked out almost immediately.

Kids, go figger -- just when you think harnessing the energy of a six-year-old would lessen our need for foreign oil, he goes kaput. <sheesh!>


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