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Friday, July 07, 2006

My First Podcast

No, I'm not making them (thank your providential stars), but I actually listened to one today as they were meant to be heard -- on the iPod. I've listened to a few on my PowerBook, but today I downloaded the most recent installment of Worldview Academy's podcast and listened to it on the way into town.

Now that I've met Mark Bertrand personally (and it's surprising how easily you get over the fact he has a mechanical left hand (even has a leather sock he slips over it when driving)--the swapping glasses for a monacle when he talks about Graham Greene is a bit much, though) I could imagine him better throughout the conversation.

It's a bit of work getting the podcast on the iPod and then fiddling with the iPod in the car to get it queued up, but ultimately it was worth it. Strange listening to something similar to talk radio (insofar as it's talking coming through my radio) and not shouting at the host for boneheadedness (liberal, conservative, I shout at 'em all). Might this become a habit? Stay tuned.

BTW: Tony Hines has done his first video podcast (which I watched via PowerBook at home rather than on the iPod while driving). Check it out.

Got a recommendation for a podcast I should try? Leave a snarky remark to tell me what and why.


7 Snarky Remarks:

That's actually a goatskin sock made specifically for my mechanical hand by a fine English sockmaker, and I'm sorry you found the monocle distracting. If you hadn't made so many shocking remarks, it wouldn't have popped out of my eye socket so often. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast -- especially on your iPod, as nature intended. NaNoWriMo has a podcast you'll need to subscribe to this November....
Blogger J. Mark Bertrand, at 1:15 AM  
Had I known ahead of time that Graham Greene the author (Heart of the Matter, Our Man in Havana) was a different person from Graham Greene the actor (Dances with Wolves, Die Hard: With a Vengeance), neither of whom were, I now know, at any time related or married to Ellen Greene (Little Shop of Horrors), our conversation would have been much different.

Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, I confess I did make a few more outrageous comments (Truman Capote's best work was not, I admit, as Lionel Twain in Murder by Death) just to see if your monocle would ploink into your coffee cup.

Again, a delight meeting with you. Congrats on your new digs in Sioux City, Iowa.
Blogger Chris, at 1:47 AM  
Greetings Wilbur.

Does J Mark’s mechanical hand have a Firewire port, or does he use a keyboard like everyone else?

As for other podcasts, here are a few:



Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant, at 3:29 AM  
Ok, please be merciful on me.

Can I listen to a podcast on my little laptop (PC) here at home? Or do I have to have some special equipment?
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 3:39 AM  
*blushing* I hate typos. "Please be merciful TO me." Okay? LOL
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 3:41 AM  
Curm: Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check 'em out. As per the specs on Mark's prosthesis, I'm not sure on the firewire; given his occasioanlly red-glowing left pupil I suspect it's a cybernetic attachment.

Michelle: You should be able to to listen to the podcasts. If you go to the Worldview link in the first paragraph and clck the podcast icon, it starts playing an mp3 file (you can also right-click and "save as" to your hard drive). Some podcasts may be in an aiff format which will play through iTunes, which you can download free from apple.com; don't know if WMP does aiff files or not.
Blogger Chris, at 1:15 AM  
Thanks Chris!
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 10:08 PM  

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