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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fast-Moving Facebook Flair

For a while now I've had two pieces of ranked Facebook "flair": "Team Spike" is now at #95,465 (923 users) and "Team Willow" is at #437,387 (73 users).

End of last week I made a piece of "Ya Think DiNozzo?" flair, celebrating my favorite NCIS line. As of this morning it was at #406,528 (80 users -- it's now up to 97).

It surprises me some of the things that haven't been made into flair on Facebook. For instance the Team Spike (playing off the Twilight vamps with the Buffy characters) and the DiNozzo thing.

Some of my flairs haven't been so successful, though. My "Faith Manages" flair -- Babylon 5 buzzphrase -- is only at 18 users. My Joe Bob Briggs (only one in Facebook) is stalled at 2. Still, seeing what takes off and what doesn't is half the fun. (OK, seeing-what-doesn't is maybe a tenth of the the fun.)

Not to be left out of any fraction of the fun, Phil has created his own piece of flair (keywords: Rookie, crash). Enjoy.

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