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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Books I've Listened to Lately

Been listening to audiobooks in the car for a week or so, now that I've completed the A-to-Z odyssey. These ... not in alphabetical order ... are what I've made it through so far.

Diane - Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper
Have gone through a Twin Peaks revival here. Got Season One on DVD at Half Price for $15. Picked up the Pilot (with European "ending") on VHS for $3. And this for a buck. Not as fine as a slice of cherry pie at the Double-R, but much better than Nadine Hurley's silent curtain runners.

High Fidelity
Not what I was expecting, but still a good listen.

Accordion Crimes
Got the abridged version, so I missed a few of the "crimes," but Edward Herrmann does great voices, so it balanced out in the end.

Stationary Bike
A short story (uncollected, as far as I know) CD-set I checked out from the library. Quirky King, not terrifying.

Up next: Winter Prey, L.A. Confidential, and Jurassic Park.



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