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Friday, January 04, 2008

A Good Word for Dell

Although I'm an Apple guy, Dina is not. Neither. Not an Apple person, nor a guy. Go figure, but it works well for us. She has a Dell laptop, purchased last year, bit of an oversized monster, but it works. At least it was working until a few days ago when it stopped charging. Three guesses as to why: bad power cord/transformer; bad battery; bad AC jack on the motherboard. Optimist I am (not), I was expecting the motherboard jack had come loose; big repair bill equals most likely cause o' problem in my little world.

This afternoon we lugged her laptop and power cord down to the Dell retail shop at NorthPark Mall in Dallas. Friendly guy at the service counter took the power cord, plugged it in; little green light on the transformer box didn't come on so problem solved. Turns out it was still under warranty (even though we didn't have warrantee paperwork with us he looked up the laptop serial number in Dell's big database o' facts and verified the warranty info instead of laughing at us and our pathetic filing skills). So he got us a fresh power cord ensemble, plugged it into the wall (green light!) and Dina's laptop, and checked a BIOS setting to make sure it was charging (for which I'm grateful because in my little world just because one problem is solved at no charge doesn't mean there's not a second, more costly problem lurking out there, too). It was charging (Yay!), and we packed things back up and were on our way.

So, Dell support/service guy, thank you very much. It's nice to take a vacation from my little world every now and again.

* Dina had to go with a refurb-ed unit to get XP on it as Dell was Vista-only at the time; they've since come to their senses...



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I broke up with Dell last year, so it's refreshing to know they've learned from the experience :-)
Blogger Angie, at 8:56 AM  
Yeah, I have a Dell PC desktop that's about 5 years old. Surprisingly, it's still chugging along. I've had some good experiences with their service departments and some not-so-good ones, which seems pretty much par for the course in the computer world. Still, if I were to buy another PC (which I wouldn't) I would probably buy a Dell.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 10:11 AM  
Okay, you Apple-onliestas, I appreciate that Snarky Boy here gave kudos to Dell et al. I still love my PC and the fact that my hubby understands them (more than he understands me at times) and can fix nearly anything on them. But with an Apple? Let's not go there, people. Peace in the Valley of the Sun, y'all :-)
Blogger Jenny, at 4:16 PM  

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