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Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007: Reading and Writing

Around the end of summer, last year, I stopped logging the books I finished reading. I've done my best to figure out what I read, but still come up about five books short of my book-a-week goal. Here's what I read:
  1. Fight Club

  2. Unfortunate Events: The End

  3. Masterpieces in 3-D*

  4. Seventy Times Seven

  5. Germ (ARC)

  6. The Hard Goodbye (graphic novel)

  7. Trinity (3 of 3 - graphic novel)

  8. Batman Gothic (graphic novel)

  9. Deadline

  10. House of Invention*

  11. Coral Moon

  12. Lisey's Story

  13. Flannery O'Connor: The Complete Stories

  14. It's Not Funny if I Have to Explain It

  15. 10 Classics in 10 Minutes

  16. The Utter Zoo Alphabet

  17. Mystery & Crime (The NY Public Library Book of Answers)*

  18. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

  19. 24 Declassified: Cat's Claw

  20. Star Trek: The Modala Imperitive (graphic novel)

  21. Cell

  22. Tribulation House

  23. Unknown Man No. 89

  24. Teaching for Student Achievement Guidebook*

  25. The Complete Guide to Editing Your Fiction*

  26. The Crucible

  27. Broken Prey

  28. Elementary, the Cartoonist Did It

  29. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

  30. Of Mice and Men

  31. A Raisin in the Sun

  32. Napalm and Silly Putty

  33. Secret Window*

  34. Shutter Island

  35. Of Other Worlds*

  36. Art Masterpieces in 3D*

  37. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  38. Iron Joe Bob

  39. Rising Stars (graphic novel)

  40. The Death of Superman (graphic novel)

  41. Firefly: The Official Companion - Vol. 1

  42. How Fiction Works*

  43. Coach's Midnight Diner

  44. The Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts

  45. Soul Circus

  46. The Pearl

  47. The Gashlycrumb Tinies

  48. *non-fiction; average pages per book: 266

I did manage to read a short story a week, making it through all 31 stories in the Dorothy L. Sayers anthology and 24 stories in The Art of Fiction (plus the short stories we read in class).

Although I did worse than recent years in the reading department, I more than made up for it with writing. 18 short stories and satirical "news" articles published, second-placing in the Genesis contest (opening pages of novel), two stories slated for publication this year (with another one or two in limbo). All that and upwards of $800 makes for a pretty good year for me.

How was your 2007?

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4 Snarky Remarks:

Impressive! Especially when you figure the teaching job in there. Proud of you, Chris!
Blogger Jenny, at 6:53 AM  
Plus moving to Texas and starting a new job -- very productive indeed. I'm proud of you. My year was moderately productive, (for me) but I hope to do better.
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:16 AM  
looks like you're moving up in the world, my friend.
i'm moving sideways.
Anonymous heather goodman, at 6:06 PM  
Yeah, I'd say it was a good year. Any year you get any money for writing is a good year.

I can't remember what I read last week let alone the whole year. I should start posting it on my blog so I'd at least remember.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 8:30 PM  

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