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Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Own Personal Red States

Every once in awhile I'll subscribe to an e-newsletter. Usually there's a promotion involved and I cancel soon after I've met whatever the obligation is to get the premium. One that I subscribed to and didn't cancel is WinXPnews. It's become pretty ad-ridden, but the keeper is a set of links at the end for fun stuff on the web.

Recently, one of the links was to a site that lets you build a map of the U.S. showing all the states you've been to. It's fun and a whole lot cheaper than buying a Winnebago and getting the state decals.

Here's my map. 26/50 states (52% -- It's a mandate!)

Build your own map here. Sorry, Blue States not available without photo-editing software (sold separately).

Val and other north-o'-the-border friends: Chart the provinces you've visited here. I'd show you my map, but if you know what British Columbia looks like, you've seen my map already.


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LOL Chris. Yup, I have a fair idea what BC looks like, being as I've lived here 2/3 of my life. Color me red all the way east through Ontario, and you've got my Canadianess. My American travels would be a lot spottier, though I believe I'm at 15 or so there.
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