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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Getting Sidetracked

I only managed about 1,500 words of my revival service before exhaustion overcame me (4:15a - 11:45p is a long time, even with a brief post-shopping nap in the afternoon). That looks like it's about a third of the way through, so I should be able to tackle the rest of it this evening.

In addition to the fatigue, another reason I stopped at 1,500 was that I wrote a 1,000+ word section dealing with a character who had dropped under the radar and had a significant role to play midway through the revival meeting. So I got him all set up.

I also finally caved in and didn't give the girl who Gantt revived (physically) life-threatening organ failure. Instead she gets appendicitis, which is funny (not ha-ha) because she already had her appendix out prior to the events chronicled in the novel.

I also changed one of my character's backstory so his dad died earlier in the year instead of his mom - with two moms dead and a tortured teenaged girl, I felt the thing was getting a bit misogynistic. So one mom, one dad, and a girl with a re-grown/re-failed appendix; not quite fair, but a bit more balanced.


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