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Monday, November 22, 2004

Road Writing

Last Wednesday night we packed up a rental car and headed for Astoria. We had to detour from Junction City to Eugene because Hwy. 99 was totally fogged in; I-5 was much better.

Driving I-5 at any time isn't the most exciting of jaunts, but at night it's just plain ridiculous. So with Dina behind the wheel I got out my laptop at Salem and wrote about 750 words by the time we hit the windy roads of the coast range west of Beaverton. After we checked into our motel and got the boy to sleep, I finished another 1,250 words before calling it a night.

Most of my non-child-supervisory time on Thursday was spent working on a song-synched slide show for Dina's Friday presentation at the annual Episcopalian convention. I did sit down to write for awhile, but managed only 321 words due to Philip-related interruptions (he wouldn't stay in bed at bedtime) and the video project.

I did a little better on Friday, struggling through sleep deprivation, but still managed the minimum 1,737 words.

Back home, Saturday night I was back on track with 2,731 words.

Yesterday (Day 21) I went to a meeting on Eugene-area NaNo'ers. One guy already finished his book with 57,177 words. After the meeting I stuck around Cafe Paradiso and wrote just over 1,000 words. After the Thanksgiving service at church, I fired up the 'Book again at home and wrote just shy of 1,500 words for a daily total of 2,498 words.

I'm 93% of the way to the 50,000 word target - I should hit it tomorrow night. That'll likely put me 2/3s to 3/4s of the way through the novel itself (Tuesday - Thursday) with the big Friday zombie finale still to come.


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