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Friday, November 26, 2004

Doubling Up

Yesterday (Thanksgiving) I made the most of the Dina being home all day (I first wrote "took advantage of Dina..." but that didn't sound quite right) and fit in two writing sessions. In the first I wrote about 1,400 words split 60/40 between two small sections of the book. In the evening I wrote almost 2,000 words.

Today I fit in a session at Barnes & Noble while Dina and Phil went to the SpongeBob movie. 1,300+ words in 90 minutes ain't too shabby. I missed seeing David Hasselhoff swim like a cruise missile, but I think I'll survive.

I'll start writing the revival meeting tonight. I'm planning on skipping around in the listening audience with the preaching being in the background. We'll see if I can pull off the technique I'm thinking of....

Thanksgiving find of the day: Buffy - Season Seven: <$18 at Target.

Second best: $20 in Bon dollars by going back through the line and picking up additional $5 cards.

Yesterday I was at 114%. With today's early session I'm at 117%. Tomorrow morning? Come back then and check it out.


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