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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mac Daddy

Just back from a two-week trip to California. The Powerbook came in handy a couple times. For instance, when we were down in San Diego, our hotel was nice enough but filled with strange little sleep-disturbing noises (when it wasn't too quiet). Dina lamented that we hadn't brought our white-noise machine with us.

"Oh, wait. I have that on my Mac."

And at Burbank airport this afternoon, the Mac was able to get free-wifi (limited to foxnews.com, but it was enough to let us know about the afternoon's hijinks down at LAX) when Dina's PC couldn't.

It was a good vacation. Expect plenty of photos and such in the next few days.

One last Mac vs. PC thing. Anyone got a PC-based DVD-burning solution for my in-laws? (Yeah, the Mac's got it, but they don't have one.)

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