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Friday, April 15, 2005

Trippin' Down Memory Lane

...or at least Begonia Drive, San Jose, where I come from.

I just read this article about weird things caught in Google's new Satellite Image search (thanks Slashdot). So I looked up my old neighboorhood to see if anything was going on. Not surprisingly, it's as boring as I remember it. Actually, it's more boring than I remember it because in what is now a huge cul de sac to the west of my house (marked on map) there used to be a big field and horse stable.

Here are a couple wider shots of my suburban world. For about 16 years 90% of my life occured on these two maps.
Check out Google Maps and see if anything is happening in your old neighborhood. There's a "satellite" link over on the right side to switch from "Mapquest-style" maps to the real deal.


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This is cool when you live in a large metropolitan area. When you live in the middle of Kansas, you see fields and the town (sort of) and the river and then when you zoom in closer, you get to a point where it tells you there's no image data that close. But it's still interesting.
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