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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Photo Supplement

Today was "youth day" at church, so I took the digital camera along in case Phil did anything chip worthy. Unfortunately the 4s & 5s didn't do anything at all (just the 6-11s), so no church pix.

I wound up taking some photos anyway, at lunch after church and then some more back at home.

Phil was rewarded for last week's good behavior (okay, for responding to threats when his behavior was sub-optimal) with Sunday lunch at Papa's Pizza. The play area shots didn't come out well, but here are a couple others:During our mandatory Sunday Freddy's visit, I got Phil a new pair of shoes (he's already nearing size 11; a couple more and he's in adult sizes -- ok, very small adult, but still...):
Phil is fond of doing the campfire flashlight thing where you put the light below your chin and make scary faces and say "Mwaaah-ha-ha-haaaah!"

Here's how that looks: 1   2   3

So, how was your weekend?


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