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Friday, February 11, 2005

New Book Review

I met a guy on one of the websites I hang out on (faith*in*fiction) who had his first novel, Forgiving Solomon Long, published at the beginning of this year. Hoping he'll buy my novel if/when it's published, I bought his (thanks Borders 25% off coupon!), read it, and posted a review over at Amazon.

Why you should read my review of Forgiving Solomon Long: Most of the reviews I write over at Amazon are there because I want ranking points to lift my ranking score. This is one of those few reviews I wrote actually hoping that someone who read it would be influenced to buy the book. Don't wait for it to show up at Goodwill. Don't ask to borrow my copy. Buy the book.

Okay, I also said it was a "breakout" novel, so y'all've got to make that part come true. It'll be good practice for when my "breakout" novel comes out one of these days.

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote ... I still want ranking points even if that wasn't my primary reason for writing the review.


4 Snarky Remarks:

Hey, good job on the review, Chris, although I do think the "breakout novel" bit was a little over the top. ;-)

I was very glad to see that PW thought highly of the book, too.
Blogger Brenda Coulter, at 3:53 PM  
Hey, ya got think positive. See the breakout novel, be the breakout novel.
Blogger Chris, at 4:49 PM  
Well, I bought the book because of your review (and a little help from friends).

But to move up in the Amazon rankings, you'll have to learn from Jan Dennis at # 87. He's hard to beat with all that experience.
Blogger MickSilva, at 8:55 PM  
Good deal, Mick. Thanks for letting me know, it's encouraging.

As far as moving up in rank goes, I'm not in a big rush. Right now my reviewing has dropped off dramatically, so any forward movement at all is incredible.

Enjoy the book. I thought it was a lot of fun.
Blogger Chris, at 9:08 PM  

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