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Monday, January 31, 2005

My First Non-Self-Published Original Work Sees the Light of Day

On this blog, as well as my writing blog, I've featured original fiction and (allegedly) original thoughts and commentary.

When I worked at NurseWeek Magazine I occasionally wrote filler items for them.

When I worked for Crow's I wrote a couple Forest Industry Journal stories for them and re-wrote press releases for a section of the Weekly Market Report newsletter.

Finally someone has taken something that I wrote and used it on their own because they actually liked it and not because they were paying me for it anyway (not that any money will be exchanging hands in this case).

Background: Since last October or so, I've been checking out a website called Church Marketing Sucks; their title basically explains their coverage as well as their off-center sense of humor. Back in early November there was an entry about a t-shirt with the message "A Church Invitation: We Suck..." and then went on to ennumerate their sucky ways. Some of the readers liked the idea, others were opposed. I was opposed (for reasons given in the comments section for the entry; I'm Rhinoguy by the way). Instead, I suggested "Now 17% Less Judgmental" as a church t-shirt slogan that would get attention and generate conversation.

According to Robin Bailey, pastor of The Annex in Cochrane, Alberta (near Calgary), it has. In addition to the slogan appearing on their home page, Pastor Robin has written an article about their post-slogan experience.

He's promised me a t-shirt if he ever prints one up (he really should have them output in bulk), or whatever other swag gets produced.

Good deal.


I got the shirt in May (thanks Robin). Here's an excerpt from my blog post:

Last Thursday I got the following e-mail from Robin Bailey, pastor of The Annex:
Hey Chris! Your shirt is on its way, you should get it in the next couple of weeks! Let me know what you think. Also our website is www.the-annex.ca and if you run into anyone that wants a shirt they come with white or school bus orange print both on green for $20 US including shipping.
I got the shirt in the mail yesterday, and made Phil model it this afternoon.
  • Front view
    Sometimes Phil wishes I would put the camera away. He needs to work on his judgmentalism -- a 17% reduction is not enough in his case.

  • Back view

TO ORDER A SHIRT: e-mail Robin.


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