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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Government Freebie

I just e-filed my federal taxes. For FREE!

Here's how you can get in on the scam (it's actually not a scam, but for the sake of feeling like you're getting away with something, play along):

Go to the scam site (it's actually not a scam site, it's the IRS ... come to think of it, maybe it is a scam site after all).

Read the info, and if you feel comfortable e-filing your federal return (and not paying for it), click the "Start Now" button.

Then select an e-filer from the list provided. The organization seems to be randomized so at some point they'll all show up at the top of the list; you might want to scan through until you find a service that you're comfortable with. I chose a service I'd used before, actually having paid them to file my federal/state returns in previous years. (oooh, I scammed 'em good this year!)

Then go through the process of filling out the info on the site of your choice and send it in. If it's a site you've used before, some of the information may be able to be forwarded from previous filings. A fee may apply for state returns, but you should be given the option of not filing the state paperwork through whichever service you've chosen. I chose to e-file the state because 1) now it's done and B) the refund be directly deposited in the bank. Maybe you can get direct deposit with a paper return these days - I don't know - if so, see point 1, above.

Now the waiting game begins ... has the refund been deposited yet?

How 'bout now?


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yes - you can get direct deposit on a paper filed return; however, if you e-file your returns, the funds will be deposited within two weeks - at least on the fed side. i've had good luck with the state of california meeting or beating the two week mark.....so if you can e-file - it's the best way to go!
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