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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Desperately Seeking Lawsuit

Apple Computer has recently gone after some Mac rumor sites over the spilling of "trade secrets" relating to their new Mini-Mac computer. There's been a lot of criticism of this action, as well as some speculation that Apple took legal action to draw attention to the rumor and heighten anticipation for it to be quashed or become fact at MacWorld in San Francisco. I say, "Meh."

Here's something that's not a rumor. It's a fact.

Not only will Apple be partnering with Pepsi to give away free iTunes in the month and a half after the Superbowl, Apple will also be giving away 1 iPod Mini every hour during the giveaway. Not 1 iPod Mini a day, 1 iPod Mini an hour. For their part Pepsi will be giving away free Pepsis in a buy one/get one offer found under some caps. Odds for winning a song are 1 in 3; odds for getting a b1/g1 offer are 1 in 6. Each "free song" code gets you an entry into the iPod Mini drawing; you're limited to 10 entries per day, 200 for the run of the contest. My reading of the fine print indicates that each day's entries remain in the pool of potential winners (the drawings aren't limited to those who've entered a code "that hour" or "that day").

The 20 oz. bottle I bought at [a local retailer] had a yellow cap and a spiral pattern of indentations at the top (presumably to thwart "tippers" from checking the bottle to see if it's a winner before purchasing it). The cap I got was a "free song" winner, with a 10-character code like last year's campaign.

The Apple website has no info on the promotional

I googled for "iTunes Pepsi 2005" and couldn't find any info on the new contest (one site indicated there would be a partnership, but had no details), so as far as I'm concerned I call "first post."

If Apple has a problem with this post, I'm sure their lawyers will be in touch. If they want to know the name of the store where I purchased the early-release bottle, a framed subpeona and a new high-end iPod Shuffle will do the trick.


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