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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Poetry Shmoetry

At one point in my zombie novel, the girl who gets killed in a car+bike=ewwww accident shows a poem to the main character, written the night after she was resurrected. During November I left a parenthetical note saying something to the effect of "write a poem later and put it here."

I've spent the past week and a half trying to come up with a poem and kept stalling out because my idea of a good rhyme can be seen in the title of this blog entry. So I went online last night and googled "rhyming dictionary" and spent a couple hours off and on visiting rhymezone.com. Now I have some high-quality poetry like this stanza about the disappearance of avian statuary:
Three weeks later a sparrow went,
Another month, two starlings.
And I wondered what malcontent
Was stealing God’s precious darlings.

The poem isn't great, but I'm only shooting for 15-year-old-girl-with-head-trauma quality. Hopefully I'm in the ballpark (the poem is being workshopped now, when it's ready I'll share more).

I write poetry like a teen-aged girl. My parents must be so proud.


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