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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Acts of School Fundraising

The Chik-fil-A in Allen does quite a bit of fundraising for the local schools. We wind up there every couple months to help out Phil's. Sometimes, like tonight, we wind up there when they're doing fundraising for campuses that aren't his. We drop our receipts in those boxes, too.

A few weeks ago we stopped at a CfA drivethru up in McKinney. There was a fundraiser poster plastered on the cashier's window. "Oh yeah," we said, "we're doing the school thing." The cashier handed us our receipt with a pen and asked us to write our child's homeroom teacher's name on the back. I scribbled something starting with a W. I hope Ms. Wrvnshftn appreciated the effort.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finding Yourself at Wal-Mart

Stopped by the Wal-Mart earlier this week to Jif and Little Debbie's oatmeal cookie sandwiches, wound up with Mr. Bean's Holiday on DVD ($5 bin) and several bags of Mike-Sell's caramel-flavored Puffcorn Delites ($1 each on the close-out rack).

Hadn't seen Mike-Sell's brand goodness at Wally's before. And since it was on close-out, I'm guessing I won't again....

Still, I am delicious.


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Philip Versus the Number Line

Yesterday was Dina's 49th birthday. Phil wanted to know why that was such a big deal. I told him this was the farthest Dina would ever be from turning 50.

Barely missing a beat Phil announced, "No, when she turns 70 she'll be farther than she is now."

Not exactly the high point of the day for Dina, but she was impressed with his math skills.


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