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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's a Small (and Creepy) World

Just read this post over at Mark Bertrand's "Write About Now" blog: There's a Story All Right.

Flashback eighteen years ago: Dina and I were still living in Sunnyvale, taking our annual Thanksgiving trip to Eugene, Ore. We're halfway through the Cascades, near Mount Shasta, snow all around, though thankfully the roads aren't icy. Our bladders are full and the roadsigns give no hope of rest stop any time soon. Then we come upon a gas station/bar/store in the middle of nowhere. Ever the gent, I let Dina use the facilities first. She comes out with a strange look on her face, which in my haste to push past her, I take for relief.

Nope. Clawfoot bathtub complete with half-dressed mannequin. I think she had on less than the picture at Mark's site and was more slumped in the tub (it was the middle of night, so she was probably (un)dressed for bed). Same sketchy guy at the bar when I came out, though.

I've almost forgiven Dina for not saying anything about the surprise in the bath ... but, yeah, there's definitely a story.

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