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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This morning was Kindergarten Visitation Day. Dina and I accompanied the boy and learned what to expect in the fall and what to do between now and then (three more shots, what joy! $20 to prove the boy was actually born, oh goodie!). Phil and the other kids got some routine testing done and he came out at an age-appropriate level.

I took a few pix; they look like this:The only concern raised by the evaluators was that Phil should get his vision tested (he was kind of squinty during the hand-eye coordination tests). With my astigmatism and Dina's wackadoo vision that's hardly surprising. One other boy in the class wears glasses, so they'll be able to start an exclusive club.


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Ohmigosh do you bring back memories. I'm glad you're paying attention to Phil's childhood.
Blogger Katy, at 3:29 PM  
The class of 2018
will be here before you know it!
they grow up so fast.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  
At least your boy's a boy. I recently paid 20 bucks to discover that my third boy's birth certificate has him down as a female. Still. (He's 8 and I really should break the news to him.)
Blogger Kate R, at 4:39 PM  
I've worn glasses since I was 6. I probably should have had them sooner. The testing reminds me of when I took my first child to a preschool screening. They asked Julia to cut with scissors and she said "Oh my mommy doesn't let me use scissors." We decided we should probably let the child learn to use them. :) (and then she cut her own hair!)

Blogger lindaruth, at 8:27 AM  

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