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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Little Vocabularist

Today, Phil received a package of school supplies from his Uncle Bill, Aunt Brenda and Cousins Will, Nick & Jack. Along with the colored pencils and junior composition book was his favorite item, a blue pencil sharpener "with two holes!" (can you tell it's his favorite?) After I showed him how to turn the sharpener to sharpen the pencils, he showed me how to open it to "dump out the shavings." I swear I didn't use the word 'shavings' when I was sharpening; somehow he already knew it and knew how to use it correctly.

In other vocabulary news, Phil's very excited about rhyming. He's caught on to the fact that it's then end of words that make the rhyme, not the front ('car' and 'far' rhyme, 'car' and 'carny' do not). He sang a song yesterday that had the refrain "You're so delirious/I'm really serious." It was part of a performance he gave that mostly consisted of jumping from one end of the couch to the other while shouting "rock and roll/rock and roll/rock and roll" and so on.

Can five-year-olds qualify for NEA grants?


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